Aqui você vai encontrar um pouco de tudo sobre a Diva (Adele) Laurie Blue Adkins, fotos, gifs, músicas, frases e tudo mais. Aqui modera duas meninas. A Maitê de 13 anos () e a Júlia de 14. () Somos do RJ e apaixonadas pela DIVA Adele. { | }

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Adele gives an interview for Associated Press.

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Adele at the Academy Awards - Feb. 24th

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I love Adele’s voice. I love Skyfall the song; I love the movie too. I love that she co-wrote it, that’s she’s so young, and that she seems like a nice person. But the point of this post is to say that I really loved her dress at the Oscar’s. 

You know what I don’t care for? The fact that I keep hearing about the way her body looked in that dress. If I hear one more, “It wasn’t figure-flattering, she should’ve worn something with more shape to it!” or, “Someone that big shouldn’t be wearing so many sequins,” or even, “Good thing she wore a slimming color,” I pledge to walk around with a sign taped to my chest that says STOP HATING ON HER BODY FOR 5 FREAKING SECONDS.

Can this woman not make ONE public appearance without her body being the topic of discussion? Can she not just get up on stage, sing an amazing song for an amazing franchise that she helped to write herself, belt it out, and make it look easy, without everyone commenting on the fact that she’s not a stick figure?

I don’t even notice her body. I notice that fact that she’s pretty, though—I like the shape of her eyes, she’s got awesome hair, and her skin looks like a baby’s ass. So if you want to focus on her appearance, maybe you could focus on that instead of ripping this talented person a new one every time she speaks because she doesn’t give a shit about looking a certain way.

P.S. this isn’t my image. I don’t know where I found it, but I enjoyed it so I used it—thanks, Google! Don’t bite me if it’s yours, I’ll give you credit if you’d like. Good day.

this ^

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@tiniegram: Adeley!

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Adele accepting the 2013 Brit Award for Best British Single for "Skyfall"

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